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Frequently Asked Questions - Mason County Search & Rescue

Answers to the questions we often hear

While we strive to provide the information necessary, we're sure you still have questions. Check out our FAQs below. If you're still needing more information, please contact us.


How do I join Search & Rescue?

We've put together a handy step-by-step guide for you here.

How old do I have to be to join Search & Rescue?

All active members must be at least 14 years of age to participate in training and missions.

What if I can't commit to every training weekend?

Don't worry, we want you to succeed. As long as you are able to make most of the training events we can help you catch up on any missed items.

I don't drive or don't have reliable transportation. Is there a ride share or a bus I can catch?

Yes! If you can get yourself to headquarters, we can get you to all off site training and missions. If getting yourself to HQ is a bit of a stretch, let us know. There may be another team member in your area willing to ride share.

The required equipment list sounds expensive! Is any gear issued?

There is some gear available for loan from base, while other gear is considered "personal equipment" and does need to be supplied by the individual. If you need help collecting the necessary equipment, let us know. We may know of some good deals, or another team member may have extra gear available to help you complete your pack.

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