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Ground SAR Unit - Mason County Search & Rescue

Information on our ground search teams

Ground SAR is the cornerstone team in the history of search and rescue. We are composed of members who have had extensive training to become ground pounding, trail blazing brush monkeys. These teams are usually the first teams sent out to look for a subject. We have training in both urban and field search and rescue, and are just as comfortable packing a litter down the mountain as we are searching an urban setting. We have extensive training in navigation, be it compass and map and/or GPS technology. All of the teams have had advanced CPR/first aid certification and spend many hours keeping up with that training every year.

MCSAR Ground SAR Team Our yearly training helps new recruits through the sometimes overwhelming course load. We realize that gear and training may be a hardship to new members, so we offer a 6 month intensive training at no cost and do have some gear for use if necessary. Training consists of navigation and orienteering, wilderness first aid/CPR and the legal aspects of SAR. We spend several weekends training in the classroom and then a few more weekends spending the night out in the field. You will need basic backpacking equipment, and all clothing must be wet weather appropriate. ee the pack list for details.

What we ask you to bring to the table:

  • A willingness to be part of a team - sometimes it means swallowing your pride to do what is necessary to get the task done.
  • Physical fitness - we are deployed out in western Washington underbrush. This is some of the worst terrain out there. Be prepared for blackberries, devil's club, ferns, salal, huckleberry, nettles and many blown-down trees. Often you will encounter all of these on one search. We don't ask that you can run a marathon, just that you be able to carry a full pack on a big hike.
  • A sense of humor - we have a lot of fun together.
  • Respect for the subject and families of the subjects.

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