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Operations Unit - Mason County Search & Rescue

Information on our Operations team
Who are they?

MCSAR Operations The Operations Unit is the backbone of every search. It is made up of a team of individuals who can multi-task and communicate effectively, coordinating the efforts of multiple search units.

What do they do?

MCSAR Operations leads the search effort by providing search assignments to all units, collecting search data, relaying information to the incident commander and maintaining communications with searchers and other agencies as necessary. On longer searches they may also provide food and water for the various units.

The Operations Unit strives to always:

  1. Mitigate risk to searchers and the public during all operations
  2. Develop effective search plans, taking into account all known aspects of the case and available resources
  3. Acquire and assign appropriate search resources in accordance with the developed plans
  4. Monitor resource progress and document all clues
  5. Revise search plans on a continual basis as new information comes to light
  6. Maintain detailed records suitable for use by law enforcement

What is required?

Operations personnel must be familiar with all aspects of ground, mobile, canine and air search operations and procedures. You need to be able to multi-task, operate as part of a team, and you must be able to make solid decisions quickly - often with incomplete information. The performance and safety of fielded assets are your responsibility, second only to the Incident Commander. As a key part of the FEMA Incident Command structure, you will learn how to incorporate into a larger joint operations framework by taking part in extensive ICS training. This job takes someone who is comfortable with maps, computers, radios and - especially - a variety of personalities.

How do you train for it?

Operations Unit training consists of classroom instruction as well as an apprenticeship program in the field. Personnel wishing to advance to Section Chief will be required to successfully complete ICS-300 and its prerequisites.

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